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This is a half a day/full day program for the corporate executives. An escape for a day from the high tension and stress of corporate rat race to an utopia of games, puzzles & fun. The aim of this program is to offer relaxation and divert the executive’s mind to think differently from the humdrum office environment.

A day filled with intelligent games, puzzles, brain teasers and jokes enable the participants to look at life form outside the problem pond. There are many games to invigorate the brain and explore unconventional ways to solve common problems. This program may help you have an insight into your professional life, you personality type, your potential etc and suggest many ideas that can benefit you tremendously. This one day of intelligent fun passes away quickly, but will definitely re-charge you batteries.

Mind Reading at Doctor's Meet at Palghar
Mind Games during a Trafic Jam
Straining the brains of bankers at BNP Paribas
Brain Games for Computer Engineers at Patni

Like physical exercises keep the body strong, mental exercises makes the mind strong. There are many games in this program to test you memory, concentration, I. Q., E. Q., T. Q. etc. Besides providing entertainment, these games help you to unearth your hidden talents and perhaps discover your uniqueness.

It is said that how smart a person is not dependant on how big his/her brain is, but on how well connected his/her brain cell network is. This event is an occasion to exercise the huge neuron network that everyone of us are born with and improve the brain cell connectivity, thereby improving our smartness.

Every human being need the appreciation of others. However, very few people get it on a regular basis. This program has several items to make your heart a little bigger, appreciate others and in turn get appreciated too. There are many prizes for the winners in various mind games.

This program is for the well educated corporate/academic crowd. Higher the educational background or more number of years put into educating themselves, better the result.

Since the program consists of “do it yourself and see the difference” items, only those who have spent a lot of years educating themselves (they were disciplined enough to know that one has to strain the brain for something worthwhile to come out) are recommended to go in for it.

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