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      Sunny The Public Speaker
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Sunny was a much sought-after speaker in the Rotary club circuit till 2006 (later on he became busy with other things). Sunny speaks on the following subjects mainly.





It was his speech on “ The Magic of Memory” that became a hit.


Why not the other subjects?

The exact reason is not known. But, almost everybody wanted him to speak on “The Magic of Memory”. May be, because Sunny is known as ‘somebody’ in the field of Memory. Or, it could be because the speech contained details about what is memory, who has more of it, who has got less of it, what are the reasons for loss of memory, how to prevent memory loss, how to improve memory… and so on.

Or, it could be because, almost every second person feels that he or she does not have a good memory and probably wants to know why.

Besides the 4 subjects mentioned above, Sunny can deliver humorous speeches on many subjects/professions. For example, he can give a humorous speech on many subjects like……

Doctors/Teachers/Priests/Police/Lawyers/Husband/Wife/Marriage/Salesmen/Royals/Politics/Actors/Heaven/Hell/Death and so on.

Now, which profession/professional would want to hear jokes on his on line of duty?
Almost every professional.

Past experience shows that Doctors enjoy jokes on their profession more than other people. So do Lawyers, or Policemen, and so on.

Sunny can be invited for a humorous speech on occasions such as Doctors Meet, Teachers Day, Police Night, Wedding Anniversary, Send-Off Day, Lawyers Club Meeting and so on where people would enjoy some humor also in addition to all the pep talk delivered by other dignitaries. The idea is not to poke fun at different professions, but to have some laughs, recalling some funny incidents from the professional life.

However, please make sure that the audience really want it and would appreciate some laughter on their professions, before inviting Sunny. Humorous speech is not for non-coperating crowds.

Sunny’s joke repertoire is huge. In 2002, he had demonstrated his ability to tell jokes on more than 1000 subjects at a Laugher Club function.

Sunny is the only member of the “Humour Club of Mumbai”, who never resorted to any notes or written material for telling jokes (always the jokes were delivered from memory) for more than 6 years at the Humor Club meetings that happen once a month in Mumbai.

Suppose, there is a one month long speech session where one has to tell jokes/ deliver humorous speeches on a new subject every day for a half an hour continuously for 30 days……

well….Sunny will be one of the people who can do it.

Since the speeches are in English, the audience must be well educated, who can speak & understand English.

Ideal for Clubs, Institutions, Corporate Entities, N.G.O’s etc.

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